Building Compassion

Our goal is to provide support when life-altering circumstances lead to inadequate housing. We target community service leaders in the hope to relieve their burden, so they can in turn be more effective at what they do. By providing a team oriented environment everyone has an opportunity to learn, mentor and give.

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Years Serving The community


Since God led us to serve the Pascal’s home about 10 years ago, we have consistently committed to help those who generously help others.



Families' Lives changed

Hope is restored in the families who dwell within the new layers of paint and newly fastened doors.



Thousand Raised

Donations large and small have provided us the tools, materials, and resources to complete our mission.


Why We're Different

We are empowering youth, young adults, and whole communities to build, apply, and live a life of compassion. 

We provide willing hearts the connection to create teams and learn skills from one another that last a lifetime.



We listen to individual's needs, share their story, and gather a networked team to freely give of themselves and their resources to provide adequate housing to those who have served others.  In addition, tangible needs are met within each community the recipient resides.


Building Compassion gives from the heart with love of God, meeting people's needs as Jesus reached out and did.  Volunteers are His hands extended because "He was moved with compassion" for those around Him in need.


We provide the opportunity for youth and young adults to work alongside contractors and skilled laborers.  Many of these volunteers have not been given the opportunity to receive any vocational training.  They are rewarded with valuable practical skills, hands-on experience, self confidence, and the knowledge that they can make a difference in the lives of others.


Volunteers are afforded a unique opportunity to work in teams to complete specific tasks.  They receive exposure to planning, materials aquisition, scheduling, supervision, safety and the basics of a construction science.


October 2009

I could never repay you for all your time and effort, but I am grateful to know that God is keeping a record. I love you all! You helped a widow who was in need, and I am so grateful for everything.

Leah Bass-Hester / Read Full Article


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