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The Ball FAmily house

Whether they ran away, aged out of the foster care system, need some extra mentoring so they can better function back with their families, or there is no room for them in the foster care system, there is room for them at Hungry for God. After a series of seven hundred boys came in and out of the Hungry for God home, the state of the home was in desperate need of organization, cleaning, expansion, and renovation. Through a years worth of periodic service days, this was provided.

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Pastor Larry Ball gave up his home to provide a refuge for boys kicked out or transitioning out of the foster system. Through two phases, Building Compassion was able to turn a disorganized house into an adequate and spacious home through helping them minimize possessions, expanding their living space.


This home needed extensive repairs and remodeling. The back porch has been closed in and divided into three rooms; the house has been divided into a private apartment and a boys’ living space. Several rooms, including the kitchen, required complete gutting. Walls and doorways were relocated and a shower was added for the boys.

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