March 2013

My husband and I kept walking throughout the house and realizing it was not a dream, and just praising God for the enormous blessing He blessed us with: all the kids had a room to sleep in, everyone had a bed and we were all very comfortable. 

The Zacharys 



Septemer 2017

Building Compassion has just opened my perspective…People need help with just general and basic things.  It is awesome to see that God is showing, ‘Hey, you can change people’s lives just by picking up trash'

Mason Pierce, Angelo State University



August 2009

I have not forgotten the time, energy and money many of you put towards making my life better.  These wonderful people shared their love for God by loving on me, and helping me."

Leah Bass



July 2017

What one person can do really makes an impact and it is about being a team.”

Texas State University Freshman