Ed and Leah Bass bought a desperately needy home in a rural area of Central Texas. They had served together as bi-vocational ministers for 20+ years and were eager to transform their house into a dream home.


Shortly after moving in, instead of standing side by side restoring their home, Leah was standing in shock and disbelief at Ed's graveside - a massive heart attack at age 55 having taken his life. Four days later, Leah lost her mother, too.

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She was left emotionally drained with a multitude of problems she did not have the skill, energy or finances to repair. Over Spring Break 2009, Building Compassion invaded the Bass home in Alvarado, TX with more than 130 volunteers. Over 4,300 combined hours of labor resulted in a newly remodeled home, a practical expression of love that helped ease some of Leah's pain.

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Message from Leah Bass - “Spring break of 2009, I was a recipient of the Supreme Home Makeover. I still think back to this day of how blessed I was by these wonderful people. … Less than a year before, I had lost my husband Ed Bass to a massive heart attack. My house was in much need of repair. Ed and I purchased the house with plans to fix it up nice. We had dreams.”

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“After he was taken suddenly, I was left with many things that needed done. … God put me on someones heart, and these wonderful people shared their love for God by loving on me, and helping me. … Thank you to all who were part of the 2009 Bass Supreme Home Makeover. I have not forgotten the time and energy, and money many of you put towards making my life better. I could never repay you for all your time and effort, but I am grateful to know that God is keeping a record. I love you all!”